The “Phantom” has arrived

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Roy Street barista Matt Leon and the new "Phantom"

Roy Street barista Matt Leon and the new "Phantom"

We are proud to introduce the world to “The Phantom”, a Starbucks innovation being tested starting today!


Lavender & Cream Cortado

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A new fall drink has landed at Roy Street called the Lavender Cream Cortado. It is a five ounce drink of espresso, steamed cream, coconut cream, and lavender sugar. It’s perfect pick me up for the change of seasons.


The drink was created by one of our baristas, Natasha (whose picture is seen below) who has been with Roy Street for over three years. The name “cortado” is a Spanish word meaning “cut” and refers to espresso being cut with milk, in about equal proportions of coffee to milk.


We are going to continue to feature barista-made drinks for our seasonal offerings, so stay tuned to our blog for updates. And come try Natasha’s drink as it’s only available for a limited time!


New: Iced Japanese Macchiato

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Our spring drink has just launched and it’s a recipe we borrowed from our sister stores in Japan which are the “Inspired by” stores. Just as Roy Street sports an homage, “Inspired by Starbucks,” these three select stores in Japan do as well, and approach drink creation with aggressive creativity. This drink they created, the Iced Foam Macchiato, is a riff on the traditional macchiato, which is espresso with an ounce or two of steamed milk. To create an iced version of this, the team in Japan had to be rather innovative. It is prepared with cold whole milk, lightly sweetened nonfat milk that has been cold foamed with an immersion blender, and then shaken shots of espresso are poured over the top of the two milks. Since the whole milk and the nonfat are different densities, the espresso shots sit nicely in the middle as seen in the picture below. Finally we garnish with espresso grounds on top to give the drink a strong coffee aroma even on the dense, milky foam that tops it. As a credit to our partners in Japan, we are calling this drink the “Iced Japanese Macchiato.” Come try one today!



Our Autobrewer Teapot

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If you’ve never had tea in one of our teapots at Roy Street, today is a great day to try it! Designed by our friend Jason Chen at Smacha Tea from Bellevue, these teapots are incredibly easy to use and steep tea perfectly without having to worry about straining out the leaves. We simply put in the required amount of tea in the top part of the pot and fill it with hot water and a fine mesh filter regulates the water flow to get the tea to steep for the right amount of time, while the steeped tea drips into the bottom part of the pot, as seen below.


Here I’m making a pot of our Queen Victoria tea, a blend of Yunnan Black and Keemun teas. The Yunnan Black Tea has a goldish color to the tea leaves and has a nice robust, malty flavor reminiscent of your favorite English Breakfast tea. The Keemun tea is less intense, and has a very floral taste. Together they create a harmonious balance of flavors that make it my favorite tea on our menu. All of our teas and our autobrewer pot are available for purchase for home as well if you want to take them back with you! If you’re a tea lover, I highly recommend giving them a try. Our tea list is below for reference:



Chocolate Stout Espresso Con Panna

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A new drink just hit our menu today! The “Chocolate Stout Espresso Con Panna” is a boozy riff on an old Italian favorite. This version has two shots of our Veranda espresso pulled over a chocolate stout whipped cream and into a chilled glass. The whipped cream is made of vanilla, chocolate, a milk stout beer, and heavy whipping cream.


The original Espresso Con Panna is simply espresso with a dollop of whipped cream. This is a drink you can find at many cafés and at your local Starbucks. The inspiration came to our coffee trainer Ryan McDonnell to revive an old favorite, and he decided to go the 21+ route for an evening dessert. The artwork is by Amanda Anderson, one of our favorite baristas, who is studying drawing and painting at the Gage Academy of Art. Like all of our specialties, this drink is only available seasonally. Come get it before it’s gone!


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Roy case ....

Happy New Year !

Lots happening at the store since the first of the year.

We saw another fresh-roasted at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery limited whole bean offering-a Guatemalan coffee that was tasted by Ryan and Lindsey over on Pike. The team loved it, our guests gave it a very positive response and we brewed through it in just a few days. More to come as the Roastery team is excited about providing offerings to our team and guests ‘up the hill’.

Regarding the image above…..We are just days away from seeing our old cold-case removed and the installation of a new whole bean scoop area.

Sarah from joyful clay has just finished a new collection of Roy Street signature ceramics! They will be in the store in time for Valentines Day.


Holiday Specialties

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We’re all about spreading a little holiday cheer at Roy, and we sat down a few weeks ago to think of new ways to help put all of you into the holiday spirit.

We came up with quite a few ideas—some better than others. We considered giving away a free car with every beverage, but the idea was turned down due to budget constraints. Another idea was adding peppermint to everything, but as it turns out, peppermint-tomato soup is not as good as you might think (in fact, it’s probably just as bad as you might think).
However, we did come up with a few good ways to help you make your next Roy Street visit a little bit more festive…

Peppermint Lattes and Mochas
Peppermint syrup is back, and we’d love to add it to any beverage—just ask your barista and we’ll hook you up. Don’t worry, we’re keeping it out of the soup.

Molasses Clove Latte
Okay, this one is key. It’s key because a) it’s freaking amazing and b) you can’t get it anywhere else. Our specialty syrup guru, Ryan McDonnell developed the recipe for our one-of-a-kind syrup that literally turns your latte into a molasses cookie in liquid form. The syrup ingredients include molasses clove, Valencia orange peel, fresh ginger, vanilla extract, and Speculoos cookie butter.

I should mention that these brilliant ideas don’t just appear—apparently, as a kid, Ryan often read a book called The Great Molasses Flood and developed a fascination with molasses. You might stay it stuck. Special thanks goes out to Ryan’s dad for reading him such a terrifying children’s story, and for serving Ryan pancakes with molasses instead of maple syrup. (Hmmm…suddenly my own childhood is somehow not up to par…)
Anyway, it’s so amazing. Just trust me, you want one.

Live Music
Okay, so our holiday music playlist isn’t performed live. And our live music may or may not be holiday-related. But ignore the nuances and just get excited for our newest recurring Roy event: live music nights. They’re going to be happening 1-2 times each month, each time featuring a new local artist. Check out the in-store calendar to find out when to catch the next performance.

Double Mountain Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la & The Reuben’s Brews Roasted Rye
We’ve got a new beer in stock. It’s delicious, it’s got a kickass name (which is hysterical to make the baristas call out), and it’s only here for a limited time. So come in, have one. Or two. Another newcomer to the beer menu is the Reuben’s Brews Roasted Rye, which is not exactly a seasonal item, but is so good that we’re encouraging it year-round.

Coffee Tastings
Okay, this one’s not exactly a holiday event, but it’s kind of like getting gifts and we can wear fake beards and red long johns, if it would help. Anyways, here’s the deal: if you’re someone who has some knowledge of coffee or if you want to learn (or if you just have nothing else to do) come into Roy any Friday at around 1:00 to participate in our weekly coffee tasting. Our coffee experts will introduce you to some exciting specialty coffees, fun flavor profiles, brewing methods and more. Every week is a bit different and you can find the crew in the Loveless room to join in.

Okay, so I think it’s time to wrap all of this up (pun intended). I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Happy holidays, everyone. We’ll see you in the store…


Now at Roy: Acorn Squash Lattes

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fall 2015

Well… the sun is gone and the rain is back, but of course this is Seattle and that’s nothing new. But if you’re looking for something new this fall, you’re not entirely out of luck.

This season we have a brand new seasonal drink: the Acorn Squash Latte. The specialty infusion syrup we use for this delicious fall treat is produced in-house by our very own Ryan McDonnell. His secret (not so secret now that I’m posting) is special blend of acorn squash puree, maple syrup, cumin, cardamom, fresh ginger, and cinnamon. Basically, Acorn Squash Lattes are like a sweet and spicy blend of fall in a glass.

“This year I just wanted to branch out and try something new for Roy,” Ryan says. Though as it turns out, the ingredients are nothing new to Ryan himself. ”Acorn squash was a typical fall ingredient my dad often used… I’m half Armenian, so I also leaned toward some middle-eastern spices with the cumin and cardamom. I want this drink to be unique  for our customers, though it’s pretty nostalgic for me.”

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more familiar, we’re happy to say that our Apple Cider is back! It’s delicious, made locally by Country Cider Mill in Tumwater, Washington. Best of all, it’s topped with an incredible vanilla-cinnamon whipped cream.


*See what I did there? – A hot summer Punday at Roy Street

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Today is another hot Seattle summer Punday*, and the heat reminds me that I’ve bean* meaning to update our readers on a really cool* specialty drink, but then Affogatto* (that last one was a stretch but I just couldn’t resist).

That’s right, we are currently serving AFFOGATOS at Roy! What’s an Affogatto, you ask? Well, let me chai* to explain:

“Affogatto” is actually just Italian for “that was so delicious, I think I’ll have another one, thanks”. At Roy we’re serving it in the traditional style: we start with one scoop of Snickerdoodle ice cream, which is supplied by our friends over at Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery, in Fremont. Then we top the ice cream with a double shot of espresso, and that’s the scoop!*

Seriously though guys, what could be better? It’s cold, caffeinated and you can even pay with Starbucks*—if that’s not grounds* for excitement, I don’t know what is.

Of course, like most of our seasonal items, Affogattos are available for a limited time only. Soy* what are you waiting for?

Thanks a latte* for humoring me. Have a grande*!

*See what I did there?


Seraphim comes to Roy Street

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If you just looked around in search of white robes and resounding trumpets, let me clarify: this week we are installing a new Seraphim front bar batch brewer. In other words (that is, non coffee-speak), the Seraphim is a sleek, modern take on our single-cup pour over station.

Most of you have probably noticed that we’ve been introducing some minor changes at Roy Street throughout the winter–moving the pastry case, updating the menu, a little rearranging of furniture. But the Seraphim represents a more significant upgrade for all of our drip-coffee lovers, and we’re excited to bring the latest coffee technology into our store–and more consistent, more delicious coffee to you.

So by now you’re probably wondering: what exactly makes this Seraphim so special? It’s actually pretty simple: the Seraphim take three key components of coffee-brewing to the next level.


First, and probably most important is that the Seraphim automates the water dispensed for each cup of coffee, which will help us ensure consistency and precision in every single cup we serve.

Second, the Seraphim facilitates more than just single-cup drip coffee. It also enables French Press, sock brewing, ChemEx, and many other brew systems. So while we’ll be starting Seraphim use exclusively for drip coffee, you may just see a number of additional options in the near future.

Finally, the Seraphim was intentionally designed to allow customers to be closer to the brew experience, without all of the usual machinery between you and your lifeline. I mean coffee. Same thing? Anyways, maybe proximity to the brew process isn’t a high priority for everyone, but hey, this is a city of coffee nerds, and we know plenty of you will be eager to get closer than ever to the art / science of coffee.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Seraphim, check out www.seraphim.coffee to learn more.

Okay, so maybe it won’t have wings or a halo, but we’re pretty sure that Roy Street’s new Seraphim will brew some heavenly coffee. Come in this week and be one of the first to try it out.