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New to the brewing world, the Clover brewing system offers perhaps the best brewing method to date. Blending the French Press method with cutting edge technology, it brews your coffee perfectly, every time. Each type of coffee bean is “dialed in” for water temperature and steep time. You are guaranteed to discover new layers and dimensions of your favorite coffee, or try one of our unique small batch coffees with this method.

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French Press

Also known as “steep brewing”, this method tends to produce a more flavorful coffee due to the “press”. A glass cylinder is first filled with the correct amount of freshly ground beans then filled with hot water. The coffee then steeps for 5 to 7 minutes depending on your taste. Lastly the plunger in the cylinder is depressed forcing all the grounds to the bottom of the press, leaving the brewed coffee filtered and ready to pour.

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Pour Over

A time honored tradition, the pour over is still the preferred method by many for the extraction control it offers. This method involves heating the water separately, then pouring the water over the ground coffee at the perfect speed to suit your taste.