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The “Phantom” has arrived

posted by dcohen to General  |  11:09:06

We are proud to introduce the world to “The Phantom”, a Starbucks innovation being tested starting today!


Lavender & Cream Cortado

posted by dcohen to General  |  15:35:03

A new fall drink has landed at Roy Street called the Lavender Cream Cortado. It is a five ounce drink of espresso, steamed cream, coconut cream, and lavender [...]


New: Iced Japanese Macchiato

posted by dcohen to General  |  10:33:31

Our spring drink has just launched and it’s a recipe we borrowed from our sister stores in Japan which are the “Inspired by” stores. Just as Roy Street [...]


Our Autobrewer Teapot

posted by dcohen to General  |  09:59:41

If you’ve never had tea in one of our teapots at Roy Street, today is a great day to try it! Designed by our friend Jason Chen at [...]


Chocolate Stout Espresso Con Panna

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A new drink just hit our menu today! The “Chocolate Stout Espresso Con Panna” is a boozy riff on an old Italian favorite. This version has two shots [...]


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Happy New Year ! Lots happening at the store since the first of the year. We saw another fresh-roasted at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery limited whole bean offering-a Guatemalan coffee [...]


Holiday Specialties

posted by dcohen to General  |  18:26:08

We’re all about spreading a little holiday cheer at Roy, and we sat down a few weeks ago to think of new ways to help put all of [...]


Now at Roy: Acorn Squash Lattes

posted by dcohen to General  |  08:19:51

Well… the sun is gone and the rain is back, but of course this is Seattle and that’s nothing new. But if you’re looking for something new this [...]


*See what I did there? – A hot summer Punday at Roy Street

posted by dcohen to General  |  18:45:36

Today is another hot Seattle summer Punday*, and the heat reminds me that I’ve bean* meaning to update our readers on a really cool* specialty drink, but then Affogatto* [...]


Seraphim comes to Roy Street

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If you just looked around in search of white robes and resounding trumpets, let me clarify: this week we are installing a new Seraphim front bar batch brewer. [...]