Can’t stop dreaming about the Strawberry Rhubarb bar you tried last week? Addicted to those chocolate almost croissants? Trust us, you’re not alone. But we can’t take all the credit for the mouth-watering treats you see on our counters and in our pastry case each day. Our pastries and desserts come from the local experts: The Essential Baking Company.

Since 1994, The Essential Baking Company has set out to preserve, cultivate, and honor traditional methods of food preparation with a commitment to using organic ingredients. The bakery has grown in size and production to meet the demand for a high quality, authentic culinary experience, while maintaining the same production techniques, service, and values of a small neighborhood bakery. Using organic ingredients, we make fresh artisan breads, European pastries, and luscious desserts. All of these items and more are offered at our cafes.

You’ve probably noticed a few other local products on our menu as well, including Beecher’s cheeses, Tom Douglas’ Tasty Tomato Soup, and the new gluten-free, vegan pastries from the The Flying Apron. We love to support local businesses, and you’ll love the fresh flavor and quality taste provided by our neighborhood suppliers.